Calibration Weights

ASTM Calibration Weight Sets

Calibration Weight Sets Adjusted to Meet or Exceed ASTM Class 1-4 Tolerances
ASTM Calibration Weight Sets
ASTM Calibration Weight Sets Features
Troemner ASTM Class 1-4 offer high accuracy with tight tolerances and uncertainties of less than 1/4 of the tolerance. Weight surfaces meet or exceed ASTM and have a highly polished finish.
Available in high grade stainless steels including Troemner Alloy 8 which possesses closely controlled density, extremely low magnetic properties, good stability, and resistance to corrosion.
Available with certificate options traceable to NIST, including ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certification or traceable certification to aid in meeting SOP and regulatory requirements.
ASTM Calibration Weight Sets Models
ASTM Calibration Weight Sets Product Details
Use Class 1 as a primary reference to calibrate other mass standards and use for traceability between national mass standards and ASTM Class 2 weights and lower. Class 1 is appropriate for calibrating high-precision balances with readability as low as 0.1mg.
1 g and above - two-piece 500 mg and below - one-piece
Design Features
Knob style weights 50kg–1g are cylindrical with knob. Cal-Pak 5kg weight is a grip handle weight. Cylindrical style weights 1kg–5k have groove. Cylindrical grip style weights 4kg–30kg have recessed grip. Cylindrical weights 10g–600g are straight cylinder.
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